Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Americans Walk Less, Weigh More

Is where you live and walking a certain number of steps per day related to obesity? One study shows the answer may be, yes. Researcher David Bassett of the University of Tennessee compared average daily steps to obesity rates in several countries. The findings indicate those in countries with fewer steps have a higher obesity rate: 
  • US: 5,117 average daily steps, 34% obesity rate
  • Australia: 9695 average daily steps, 16% obesity rate
  • Switzerland: 9,650 average daily steps, 8% obesity rate
  • Japan: 7,168 average daily steps, 3% obesity rate

Researcher Bassett notes: “While diet and culture play a role in a nation’s obesity rate, average adults in other countries use public transportation more and rely less on their cars than Americans do.”
“Foreign Exchange,” Women’s Health March 2011, p. 26