Monday, December 12, 2016

Under the desk classroom cycling machines in class? An idea whose time has come

Fidgeting is down and focus is up with the installation of under the desk cycles in classrooms of an 8th grade math teacher in North Carolina. 

‘Before, they were drumming on their desks, they were touching other people, they don’t do that anymore. Their feet are getting the movement out,’ (teacher) Bethany (Lambeth) told ‘There has been a huge increase in the quality of our student’s work and a decrease in the amount of missing work.’

“The students like them too. ‘I’m a really energetic person, so this takes all my energy out,’ said Quinn Spear, who worked out he’d already pedalled 5.5 miles before morning break at 10am.

‘The kids are not picking on each other, they are not needing to walk around, they are not needing to go explore, they are able to get their activity out and get their work done,’ added Bethany.

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