Saturday, August 22, 2015

FitBit / VivoFit Tips

How do you get more steps out of your FitBit or VivoFit? Until we shared our tips with a friend we didn’t realize others were looking too.
A friend works for a company that gives a health insurance discount to those who wear wearable fitness device and participate in group competitions for steps taken. She shared our tips and soon her work mates from around the world were asking for more. Here’re our tips to make your every step count.
First realize the wearable fitness device is an accelerometer. It measures the swing of the arm on which you wear it. Note how much of an arm swing is needed to give you credit for a step.
  • Going up or down stairs use your non-FitBit wearing arm to grasp the hand rail.
  • When using a shopping cart, pull the cart with your non-FitBit wearing arm instead of pushing it. 
  • When using a treadmill, move your FitBit wearing arm with each step.
  • Park farther out in the parking lot.
  • Use stairs instead of elevator
  • Take breaks in sitting. Five minutes every hour over a 12 hour time period adds up. 
  • Use the rest room furthest from you at work.
  • Consider taking commercial breaks. When a commercial appears on the television, step in place or walk around the house.

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