Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Reflexologists need to pay attention to prolonged sitting

Reflexologists need to pay attention to prolonged sitting

For one thing we are selling a book on prolonged sitting and you need to buy it so we can purchase  that beach house we have always dreamed of owning.

Seriously though think about the people you are seeing in your reflexology practice. Reflexology is amazing in what it can accomplish. But what caused their problem in the first place. And what could make it more difficult to get results with their particular problem.

I am reminded of a client who said the worst mistake he made was putting his beermeister ( a contraption that dispenses beer like a bar tap) next to his recliner. The first evil is obvious- beer at your fingertips. 

The second evil is not as obvious. The recliner was truly made by the devil. It makes movement a thing of the past. And it sets off a whole chain of events that can turn truly catastrophic. 

We were built to move. Your ancestors metabolism still dwells with in us. Our paleolithic ancestors didn't go to the gym- their gym was the environment around them. Survival depended on them continually moving.

When we become sedentary our metabolism runs amuck. Blood sugar gets out of control, fats accumulate and other nasty things occur. Yet the solution is simple we need to un-sit and get moving. 

We need to activate our postural muscles by standing up. This applies pressure to the feet- a whole orchestra of muscular activity takes place. Sound familiar? The very same action pressure to the bottom of the feet helps reset the metabolism with both reflexology and un-sitting. 

So getting educated about prolonged sitting is:

1. Helpful in understanding why people get ill. Prolonged sitting is connected to about 80% of illness such as diabetes, cardiac problems, cancer and Alzheimers just to name a few. 

2. Understanding musclo-skeletal problems like low back and neck and shoulder problems. 

3. Helpful in making the connection to stress related problems like high blood pressure.

4. Helps your client regain control over their body. You can help with your reflexology work but to get true control educating them about prolonged sitting enhances your work. 

Look this is personal for me (Kevin). I lost initially 40 pounds and 4 inches off waist. I was in the danger zone at 267 lbs. and a 44 inch waist. That was nice enough but I gained something else that was equally important. It was a sense of control.

I felt empowered to continue on and I am far from done. Yet I know how this works and I can get to where I want to go. It is beyond hope it is hope with certainty.  

Now go buy a book so we can buy that beach house!!!

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