Friday, August 21, 2015

Reflexologists Sit too Much

Let’s face it. Reflexologists sit too much. It is after all a seated occupation. Does it take a toll? Consider how your body feels at the end of a day in the chair? Aching muscles? Then there is all the research on the impact of sitting too much on what’s going on with the “inner” us, our metabolisms.
Here are some ideas to add more activity to a busy reflexologist’s day. 
  • Take 5 min. breaks between clients- Get up and walk about. 
  • Take 15 min. breaks after meals. This normalizes blood sugar levels thrown off by sitting too much 
  • Be up and about during your time off. 
  • Try stretching on your breaks to counteract the effects of uninterrupted sitting
A walk down the hall or a trip to the water fountain can break up that pattern of stress that forms from uninterrupted sitting. 

Un-Sit Your Life, The Reflex Diet Solution

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