Thursday, September 17, 2015

Carol Alt is the real deal and so is this book!!!

My Amazon review of Carol Alt's book. 

First I want to make a full and fair disclosure before reviewing Carol's book. We have been on her show and have mentioned in her book. Having said that Carol is the real deal. She is all about optimal health. Her passion is not only great health but she truly wants to help others have great health.

This book is a reflection of those passions. I like this book because you can crack it open and learn something. I do a lot of reading on health and the information contain in this book is current and well researched.

Even the section on cosmetics had no real appeal to me being a guy. But a female friend found valuable information there.

As an author and a publisher to me this book is well laid out and attractive.

Kevin Kunz
Author Complete Reflexology for Life

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