Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weight Gain? Blame paleo metabolism + sitting too much

Does it seem like you gain weight despite your best efforts to diet and exercise? Time to blame your paleolithic metabolism and the sitting lifestyle common to the workplace and leisure time entertainment.

When we’re up and about as much as intended by our body’s paleo design, the mechanisms that keep weight in check are able to go about their work. Metabolism causes fats and sugar to be consumed instead of stored. Over-eating is reined in as the appetite control mechanism matches feelings of hunger with food needs.

These natural mechanisms go astray over a lifetime of sitting. Getting up and moving about the house or office not only consumes more calories but also re-sets / re-boots metabolic and appetite control mechanisms thrown off by sitting too much. 

It’s all about moving time and sitting time matching the body’s paleo needs. For those seeking to lose weight, the formula is moving two hours more a day and taking 2 minute breaks in sitting every 20 minutes. (If this sounds like a lot to fit into the day, consider, one hour of moving is accomplished as 2-minute breaks are taken over 10 hours.)  Researchers have found this does two things: re-sets metabolism and causes more calories to be expended. 

Two who lost weight when they found the right amount of moving time and sitting time are author Kevin Kunz and researcher Dr. Avi Patel. Both lost 40 pounds (and kept the weight off) by un-sitting their lives. Kevin got rid of his office chair, creating a standing desk as well as a standing station his IPad during the evening. Dr. Patel parked further from the office, walked 1/2 hour during lunch and walked more around the office.

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