Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weight loss solution: take breaks in sitting and expend more calories

Taking breaks in sitting at the office expends from 24 to 132 calories during an eight-hour day depending on how much of a break you take each hour: 
  • a 1-minute break every half hour results in the expenditure of an additional 24 calories over an 8-hour time period 
  • a 2-minute break every half hour results in 59 extra calories expended 
  • a 5-minute break every half hour results in an 132 additional calories expended.
Take “commercial” breaks while watching television in the evening and expend more calories. If you stand up and step in place (or go to the kitchen) during commercials, you’ll be eating up 67 more calories an hour than if you had stayed seated.
Why would this be? It’s all about moving time and sitting time. There is a mismatch between what our bodies do all day and what they is intended to do. As a chair dwelling lifestyle meets a paleo metabolism, the result is a cascading series of events leading to weight gain.

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