Thursday, April 14, 2016

Heredity Says Stand Up, Un-Sit Your Life for Health

Is there a history of diabetes in your family? What about Alzheimer’s? Studies show it may be time for you to start thinking about un-sitting your life.

Risk for diabetes was doubled for those who sat the most according to combined results from 18 studies with 794,577 participants.
“(Researcher and study author Dr Emma G) Wilmot (University of Leicester, UK) explained to heartwire that there appear to be specific reasons why sitting too long can be particularly deleterious in terms of diabetes. "Sitting seems to have an immediate effect on how our bodies metabolize glucose. When we sit, our muscles are not used, and we quickly become more insulin resistant." Studies have shown that people who sit after eating have 24% higher glucose levels than people who walk very slowly after a meal, she says.
It is also known that there are some individuals who are genetically predisposed to the adverse effects of sitting, including those who are susceptible to diabetes, ‘so it might be especially important for these people to avoid prolonged sitting,’ she observes.” 
The greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease is heredity with 46% of the risk attributed to it. If Alzheimer’s is found in your family, it might be especially important to consider how much time is spent in uninterrupted sitting. 
The lifestyle choices are related to 39% of risk for Alzheimer’s. Most related to risk for Alzheimer’s is physical inactivity / sedentary behavior at 21%. An additional 18% of risk is related to physical inactivity— midlife obesity, midlife hypertension, and diabetes. 

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