Monday, April 11, 2016

Injure an Ankle, Battle Weight Gain?

Is an ankle sprain more than an ankle sprain? Does it potentially  impact weight gain?

Recent research “suggests the effects of even a single ankle sprain, …potentially alters how well and often someone moves, for life.”  The amount of movement lessened is 2,000 steps a day. 

How does this impact weight gain? Taking 2,000 fewer steps a day impacts not only calories expended but also activity found to be important for maintaining one’s weight. Previous research has found adding 2,000 steps to one’s day helps maintain weight. 

A recent study showed that college students with chronic ankle instability, “a condition caused by ankle sprains, in which the ankle easily gives way during movement,” took 2,000 fewer steps a day than those with healthy ankles. 

Further research suggests the impact of an ankle sprain can last a lifetime. Research with mice showed that mice with injury move less throughout their lives.

Sitting too much as a result of such injury has further implications. Uninterrupted sitting is linked to  increased risk for stroke, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, lessened life span and more.

New York Times writer Gretchen Reynolds notes rehab for an ankle injury should be on-going and include balance training. 

Have you had an ankle injury? To get an idea about your balance, try standing for as long as you can first on one foot and then the other. Is one side more proficient at balancing? Has there been an ankle injury on the less proficient side? 

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