Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This Job is Killing Me: Time to Un-Sit

Those who complain that their job is killing them now have research to back them up—at least if the job involves sitting.

Research shows that those who sit the most at work have a greater risk for diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

Most alarming is the amount of risk. It more than doubles for those who do the most sedentary work:
“• Scientists found a big difference in health outcomes between the most and least sedentary workers
“• Those who spent the most time sitting down had a 112% greater risk of diabetes
“• Risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks or strokes increased by 147% in the most sedentary”
In addition risk of death linked to heart disease increased by 90% according to Professor Stuart Biddle, from the University of Loughborough, UK. 
Read more: life-sitting-days-doubles-risk-diabetes-heart-attacks.html#ixzz29TUwce00

Previous research has shown a sitting job is linked to a greater risk for colon cancer. Those “who spent 10 or more years in sedentary jobs had twice the risk of colon cancer and a 44% increased risk of rectal cancer, compared with those who never held a sedentary job.”

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